Slab Selection

Our warehouse is home to 1,400 +  slabs. The reason why we have so many slabs in stock is to assure that you get the right stone for your project.


Natural Stone is Natural.

Natural stone is made by mother nature, no two slabs will be alike nor are perfect.  Stone will vary in color or pattern it may also have natural fissures, pivots and veins that may not be avoidable.  This explains why your sample may vary from the actual slab. We try to limit variation as much as possible, by having the slabs in stock and on hand you will select the stone that will be used in your project.  We welcome you to view your selection and tell us what you love about the slab so we can capture it within your project as well as try to avoid what you dislike.  There are times when certain sections of the slab is unavoidable, but we will make every effort to try to accommodate your request.