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Ogee Bull

About This Edge

The Ogee Bull edge has a 90-degree angle with a full, round bottom edge that is a great look for either kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. This edge allows the countertop to look full while still being interesting. The Ogee Bull edge looks terrific on any countertop it is utilized on. If you want a stylish edge for your new countertop, you should surely consider the Ogee Bull edge. If you like the look of both a traditional Ogee edge and a Bullnose edge, this edge profile mixes elements from both. Edge profiles complete the look of any new countertop. An Ogee Bull edge can add some character to your countertop. You cannot go wrong with this edge. Selecting the Ogee Bull edge can leave you satisfied for many years to come.

Edge Name: Ogee Bull

Other Names: Ogee Bull

Suitable Outside: Yes

Thicknesses Available: 1-1/4